Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hello World!

My first post! I am sooooo exited! For some freakin' reason, people think I am interesting. I don't get it really but after a few friends and family members pointed out that I don't really fit any stereotypical molds. I felt it might be nice to start a blog. Here is the short list of "things" about me that you will see on this site in the days, weeks and years to come: I am a 41 year old geek but no one can tell (On the age part or geek part) I'm a husband of ONE & a father of FOUR. I am more comfortable hanging out with females but I am an avid Mixed Martial Arts fan. I hate small talk but can talk your leg off if you give me a decent subject with some substance. I bleed Xerox red and Ford blue. I don't own a gun but earned sniper ranking in the Army. I am a conservative with the best of liberal ideas but I am not a moderate or a Republican (Any more). I love windmills, electric cars and anything to do with alternative energy. I believe in zero debt tolerance and refuse to buy crap. I love the study of the different personality types and consider myself to be an associate expert in the field. I'm a licensed pilot and a photo journalistic photographer. Finally, there IS a God and I am not He. Ask me about it and I will give you some interesting things to think about.

Come back often as I will be updating this site on a regular basis.

Peace and love,


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