Sunday, August 10, 2008

Personality Consultant / Speaker

Yes, you can hire Bill.

Since 1994, I have been studying and speaking to different groups of organizations in the area of personalities. Although there are many outside factors that can effect who were are and how we act and respond to things, one would be very surprised to know that people with the same personality category can be so predictable. Wouldn't it be great to know what NOT to say to your boss that would make he or she mad based on your knowledge of their personality? How about knowing how to apply correction in your child based on the different types of responses known to work well with each of the four main personality types.

Employees being more productive. Families more understanding of each other. Children better behaved and husbands and wife's getting along. These are just a few of the benefits I have seen over the past 14 years from my in depth study of the four personality types.

If you would like to book me to speak to your group, business or organization, send me an e-mail.

Also, try searching my blog using the key word 'personality' for other posts that I have made about the study of personalities. I talk about it in my daily life all of the time.


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