Sunday, January 11, 2009

Junk in the trunk........

Trash to treasure, junking, shabby chick, re-purposing.  All of these terms help to describe an obsession that my wife Mollie exhibits.  Taking somebody's trash and transforming it into a modern day piece of functional art and or decoration is Mollie's extreme hobby of choice.

I admit that I have no vision when it comes to this sort of thing.  I woul
d have never in a million years thought that a hundred year old shutter would make a good bill / mail organizer.  Nor would I haver ever taken old fashioned hand drills and bolted them to a piece of wood to make a coat rack.  However, despite this deficiency I am certainly able to appreciate the beauty of the completed projects.  I am equally if not more so appreciative of my wife's eye for junking and her passion for it.  It amazes me how God had made us just enough alike to make our marriage work and so completely opposite in other areas that make our marriage quite interesting and enjoyable. 

I have slowly started to participate in Mollie's junk projects and begin to feel her joy.  Here is her latest project:

Mollie has always wanted to turn an old trunk into a coffee table.  Two weeks ago while surfing on craigslist, she found this old trunk along with several beautiful white linen table covers.  Cost: $20.00!  We bought some casters at Lowes and I attached them to a wood frame that I then attached to the bottom of the trunk. Ta Da!  A $30.00 coffee table that you can't find in any store that we know.  We are contemplating adding a glass top to complete the table in the near future.

I love this trunk!  My first thought when we finished it?  I wonder how much we can sell this thing for?????

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Mr. Rider said...

Bill, great title and I love the new blog. Props to Mollie for her eye for design on a dime. Looks great.