Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ok, so its been a while since I posted. Sorry. The holidays were busy as usual and I am still getting used to the whole idea also.

Well I did it, I took the plunge and joined Face Book! I resisted for so long and so many people wondered why. After all, everyone knows that I am a "relationship" kind of guy not to mention a technology expert so why the resistance.

Well two months into it I am learning that I was right all along. Oh sure, there are a couple of cool things like seeing what some of my high school buddies look like now and what they are doing or where they are living etc. but for the most part I am not to excited about the whole thing. To start, I have found that there is an unwritten contest on Face Book that goes something like this - "He who dies with the most Face Book friends wins". It was fine at first, my kids added me and then my sister added me. Soon there after however, I was getting friend requests from teenage kids from Church. Then their friends from school were sending me friend request. Obviously because I am a cool dad or something. I dunno. The final straw however are the people who you roll to voice mail when they call you. Now they can send you little messages through Face Book saying "hey, I have been trying to get a hold of you. Are you ok?" And everyone of you Face Book friends can see the post. ARRRGGHHH! The other thing I found out was that as a father & husband with a full time job in Corporate America, I really don't need to be getting Face Book updates like "Kyle is mourning the loss of her hamster but happy that Sarah is her new BFF."

I haven't killed my Face Book account yet but it is immenant. In the mean time however, I have joined and thoroghly love the social networking site for business professionals called check it out!

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